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Visit us at our NEW Location at: 
125 Chaparral Dr.
Shady Cove, OR   97539

We are still within walking distance across the street from the park. Just a short jaunt up Oak Ridge Dr.  Look for our van.  To better serve our customers, the expanded facility provides an easy access larger parking area, with a kid friendly safe enclosed waiting playground area.

Walk-ins are always welcomed, but reservations are suggested!

For information & reservations: (541) 878-2500 or (541) 878-2585 
To save time, you can email us a request for a reservation!


Rapid Pleasure Rafting Co is the closest location to the ramp where you will end your fun filled day floating down the gorgeous Rogue River.  You don't have to bake in the heat waiting to be picked up!  Just leave your raft or Kayak at the ramp, and walk across the street to let us know that you are back.  This is for your safety and ours.

Click on the photo for directions...

We said we were close to the river, but if you have gone this far, you missed us!